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Battle of the Daleks

Two of our regular & mysterious group members often pick something to make and one knits while the other crochets. This was their latest – the ‘Dalek-off’.  For those that don’t know, Daleks are an extraterrestrial mutant race from the TV series Doctor Who. They are his arch enemy, and are intent on extermination. These two, however, just look sweet! And isn’t it interesting to compare knitting and crochet and different patterns?

A little OT, but I just watched The Decoy Bride and I loved it. David Tennant & Kelly McDonald, Scottish accents and lots of giggles – a great chick flick :)

Thanks for the photo-shoot Dalek creators xx
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More Everything :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year :) I spent my New Year’s Eve spinning on my wheel (so thrilling!), reading, eating yummy food – so lush. And thinking about my new years resolutions of course.

I found this the other day on my internet wanderings and I just love it. I’d just like to add more spinning, more sewing, more dyeing, more baking and as one of my lovely friends pointed out: more slumber parties! SO true. Weren’t slumber parties and all night movie nights the best thing ever? They are definitely part of my plan to have more fun this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative year ahead :)


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Merry Christmas

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time and you all manage to get your hand made gifts finished in time. I’m looking forward to squeezing some crafty time in between kitchen craziness, putting toys together and avoiding family members ;) hee hee!

Elissa xx


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Birthday Weekend

Our little family has had a big weekend, with my daughter turning 6! What happens to the time?? This year was a very creative one …

I finished the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket, single bed size (find it on Ravelry). It is lovely, in 100% soft cotton (Debbie Bliss DK) and she loves it.

I finished it just in time to learn to spin on a spindle! It’s a good thing I was finished – I don’t think I could have fought my (now) obsession with spinning.

My husband whipped this beautiful doll house up in a couple of evenings….

And then there was cake madness!! Of course, you must have cake, and my daughter wanted an island cake, which tied in neatly with her ‘underwater dress up’ themed party :)  A few lovely friends suggested a Volcanic Island which I thought was a great idea, especially seeing as my pirate island idea was shot down in flames and I just coudn’t bring myself to do a boring round island cake. I relished the challenge, and here’s how it turned out…

I was pretty happy with it :) I’m very conscious of keeping the food colouring and lollies to a minimum, but I obviously let loose with the chocolate! (My weakness). The volcano walls are covered with chocolate biscuits and maltesers (I was under strict instructions to include a rock slide). I made the trees from paper with chocolate covered biscuit fingers for the trunks, and used icing to attach the top piece of paper.

The sand is toasted coconut and the grass is coconut coloured with Chlorophyl. I couldn’t get around the water part, so I figured surrounding the island would suffice. The swirly water actually took the longest to do. It was probably equal to putting the cakes together (there were 5!) and decoarting the island.

And the fish just made the cake. There does need to be some colour :)

The kids loved it. We had sparklers on the volcanic rim, fingers dragged through blue icing, all the fish were eaten and kids coming back for seconds. My daughter was very happy :)

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Pinterest Addiction

Yes, another addiction! This one is pure genius. You may have read about Pinterest online in various places, and I assure you it is brilliant!! Ravelry changed my life, and Pinterest has done the same thing, perhaps more.

Here’s the Pinterest info and here’s a sneak peek at how mine looks:

So what’s the big deal? Basically Pinterest is a place to collect, store and share images. A virtual image database. In the beginning I thought ‘Ok, this will be fun’ (not knowing how addictive it would be)!  More than 250 pins and less than 24hours later I  had my slow personal revelation: Pinterest had consolidated my style. This may be a weird thing to say, but it really has. All of the images that I stumble across – the beautiful, the funny, lots of creative inspiration – somehow having a place to put it all and view it all has given me a solid sense of what I like, and where I am going creatively.

Once you join (by invite only at this stage) you have your own page, with boards (like you can see in my screenshot above). People have all kinds of boards, I have named and organised many of mine according to colour or things (like my chair collection) but you can do whatever you like. The boards act as a folder, where you store all of those images. You can rearrange your boards and the images within them.

One of my favourite things about Pinterest is the ‘pin it!’ bookmarklet that you can install into your bookmarks bar – this allows you to pin any image from anywhere on the web directly into the board you want to put it in. So whatever site you are on, if you see an image you just have to have, click ‘Pin it!’ and it scoops up the image and deposits it into your chosen Pinterest board. Genius, right??

There are just so many ways to use Pinterest, whatever your interest. I love Ravelry, but I often see photos I like – of a garment that I would never wear but I just LOVE the colour, or the shaping or the lace pattern etc. Do I favourite this? I tend not to, because I feel like it will clog up my favourites (and make it difficult to find that elusive cowl neck vest that I forgot to tag and spent ages scrolling through to find it). Now I have a place to put those pictures: Pinterest. I can collect images of the colours I like and the styles I like.

However nerdy it is of me to say this but I am so happy to have Pinterest in my life. I’d like to share the Pinterest love, so I will send an invite to the first 5 people to email me at

Happy pinning!

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The newest member of our family joined us last week. He is the cutest, most good-natured pup EVER. Seriously. If you have ever thought of getting a pug, I highly recommend it. Every good thing you have ever heard about this breed is true. I could go on forever about how wonderful he is but I think I would bore you all……

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